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Unmanned Vending Machinery Seen Unbelievable Development Space

Date:2017-09-12 10:09:34


“In future, the unmanned vending machinery will be served as a mini market that is accessible within every 100 meters in the specific spots. The interaction between intelligent hardware + IOT and ushers will reconstruct the business mode of cloud technology and terminal users, just like that of iphone + APP.” Prof. Zeng Ming said, the CSO of Alibaba and Minister of Hupan University which is a non-profit and private business club and founded by nine Chinese leading entrepreneurs and scholars.

Why unmanned vending machine is so promising? 

Intrinsically, the unmanned vending machine is a mini C-store. From the perspective of retail distribution, its channels and species are simplified, so does the distance to customers. Undoubtedly, the unmanned vending machine will be much smaller than the C-stores.

According to the statistics of Kantar Retail, C-store is the only one that is free from the disturbance of e-commerce. The offline retail distribution channels like hypermarket, supermarket, grocery all suffer negative growth with increasingly narrowing market share.

For C-stores, there is definitely something indestructible to prevent the shock from e-commerce. Firstly, the convenience and instantaneity is irreplaceable. As the customer group being younger and richer, their demands for convenience are on the urgent rise.

Besides, the C-stores also features the flexible clients connections due to the popularity of mobile payment, consumption frequency and stable demand.These are sought after for the e-commerce retail. Provided the distribution online and offline could be integrated, the retail profit is bound to maximize.

Integration of e-commerce and C-store

The offline mobile payment is able to reserve each ID, location and consumption record of every single users, which is very convenient and attentive to recommend the related products to the customers tailored to their favorites or scan records. By analyzing the transaction record backstage and regional consumption tendency, the e-commerce is much prone to finish the offline C-stores. The integration of e-commerce and C-storebenefits the online and offline distribution balance to some extent.

What benefits can the vending machinery business make?
As the unmanned vending machinery business is integrated with the state-of-the-art payment system as well as the latest transaction mode, the users have access to go shopping whenever and wherever, to foot the bills quickly without queuing up. For the store owners, it is a brilliant merchandising that lessens the labor cost and products stolen. Seeing that the Internet of Thing is being significantly improved, the popularity of mobile payment, and rising economy cost, vending machines is sort of a magic bullet to cope with the operation issues of conventional C-stores.

Vending machines holds incredible market potential in China!

It is estimated to record 10 million set of vending machines to install across China, conservatively. Even though there only exists about 230 thousand sets, 40 times growth at least will be made in the near future.

Ubox, one of China’s leading vending machine bigwigs reaps the market shares beyond imagination. Founded in 2010, Ubox had installed about 570 thousand sets as of 2016. With the basis of largest population in China, Ubox still has a super huge market to expand. Nine of ten vending machines in China are oriented at beverage products while the figure of existing machines marketed is very little.

Besides, the vending machines could also be a conductive and expeditious approach to advertise. For instance, the NongFu Spring has invested a large number of vending machines in the subway stations, bus stations, schools, hospitals to make the ads campaign.

It is no doubt that the vending machine will better improve people’s lifestyle, enhancing the shopping convenience and breaking through the time limit. When in need, the customers are able to get what they want. And the future of vending machine industry is prosperous!