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Range of Exhibits

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Exhibit Scope
1. Retail terminal, characteristic unmanned store, sample store and experience center:
brand unmanned C-store, Omni-Channel retail experience store, smart community service store like chain stores, unmanned C-stores, self-service laundry store, fruit and vegetable shops, intelligent cafeteria and cafe, etc.
2. Unmanned self-service equipment display:
all kinds of intelligent vending machines, intelligent cabinets, self-service diet machine / leisure & entertainment equipment, self-service printer and copier, intelligent display screen, Touch Screen All In One PC, 3D fitting equipment, intelligent wifi, etc.
3. Intelligent display facilities of stores:
Intelligent shopping cart / rack / product display equipment, product quick bagging equipment, anti-theft device at entrance and exit, video cameras for anti theft, etc.
4. Retail terminal and information technology application:
ü Intelligent cashier, POS system, payment system, Payment based on Biometric Identification Technology, the third party payment platform, intelligent scanning and printing system, printer and other consumable materials, etc.
ü Intelligent signage system, intelligent interactive system, multi-media display system, digital display system, somatosensory interactive system, etc.
ü Intelligent identifying and collecting system, biologic identification, face recognition technology, Electronic Shelf Label System, RFID tag system, IOT,  biosignature perception and learning system, etc.
ü Sensor, statistic analysis system for passenger flow, personnel location follow-up system, data mining and analysis system, cloud storage, Cloud Data Management platform system, etc.
ü Latest solution for retail and unmanned store, solution for wireless shop mall, physical store digital solution, AR / VR applications, etc.
5. Retail supply chain service display:
Service and distribution device for goods, logistics warehousing and storage activities, sharing service for logistics infrastructure and in-store stock, O2O platform for communities, etc.
6. Auxiliary service for retail terminal and unmanned stores:
Commercial space design, consumption scene creation, soft decoration, design, education, training, etc.